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We all know this name, Titanic; from the famous movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. The movie gives us a slight glance of what happened in April 15, 1912. But not entirely, mostly itfocuses on a young couple that met aboard the White Star Line boat, Titanic. The real events, the magnitude of the disaster, the life’s lost is what really captivates the wonder of people. The titanicis an Olympic-class ocean liner; its length was that of 882 ft 9 in, height- 175 ft. It had 9 decks lettered A through G; Its capacity fully loaded was of: 2,453 passengers, 833 first classpassengers. 614 second class passengers and 1,006 third class passengers. The Titanic set sail in April 10th 1912, from Southampton to New York City via Cherbourg, France and Queenstown now known as Cobh,Ireland. After setting sail for only 4 days it struck an iceberg of which they were warned of. They didn’t pay too much attention to these warnings because the ones in charge of this area were told to payclose attention to all the passengers and their needs. Then the lookouts saw the Iceberg and immediately warned the captain of the situation but it was too late; although the captain did all that wasin his power for this not to happen. He ordered for the engines to be stopped or reversed but it was too late in less than 35 seconds from the first warning the iceberg was felt in the big ship. Theimpact lasted 10 seconds, and after 130 minutes from the impact the ship started to sink. There were 2,224 passengers and only 20 lifeboats ranging in capacity from 40- 65. They were putting in womenand children first, leaving men behind and families’ torned apart. It was devastating and sad. With all the people loaded in the lifeboats they added up to 1,178 there were 2,224 passengers that night.A ship named RMS Carpathia was the rescue ship it arrived four hours after being at 4:10 am and left at 8:20 am picking up people from the last lifeboat, and going to their original destination,...
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