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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2012
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discuss the questions
do many people come from other countries to live in your country
what do you know about their countries, religions and customs?

peoplefrom many different countries and cultures live in britain. it's a multiracial society. here, three british teenagers from different reaces talk about their families, languages and religions.
mygrandparents came to britain from barbados in the 1960s when there was a lot of work here.they've got a strong caribbean accent when thet spreak english. but my accent in from this area. i'm happyabout that because. i don't like to be different.my parents are christians and they go to a church called the . now testament church of god. black people started the church about 30 years ago becausethey didn't feel at home in the churches here in britain
my granfather came here from pakistan in 1953 when he saw adverts in newspapers there for jobs in britain. i speak. english most ofthe time, but i have to speak urdu with my mother because her english is terrible.urdu is the official language of pakistan.
my family are muslim so our religion is islam . we pray five times a daywherever we are. it doesn't matter if we aren't in the mosque - islam says that the whole word is a msoque because you can pray to god anywhere. however, every saturday i go to the mosque to learn toread arabic and to recite the qur'an, our holy book.

las personas de diferentes países y culturas viven en Gran Bretaña. es una sociedad multirracial. aquí, tres adolescentes británicos de diferentesreaces hablar de sus familias, lenguas y religiones.

mis abuelos llegaron a Gran Bretaña de Barbados en la década de 1960 cuando había mucho trabajo aquí.que tienen un fuerte acentocaribeño, cuando Thet spreak Inglés.pero mi acento de esta zona. Estoy feliz por eso, porque. no me gusta ser diferente.Mis padres son cristianos y van a una iglesia llamada. Ahora la iglesia testimonio de...
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