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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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We walk by parallel lines, parallel lines where each of us search for their ideals, where each of us wants to reach our goals no matter what the cost is, no matter, while I'm benefited, who is at myside. We walk by parallel lines where, by definition, neither will crash into each other. We walk by the streets, with hurry without looking at the side, doesn't matter what happens around me. Stop,stop in one corner and look…
This is the world I wanna be in? I asked myself this question and I was surprised of what I saw. The lines that seemed parallel lines could get together if the men couldrealize that in the world there are a lot more people like him. That everyone has the same needs and that only together we can satisfy them.
I realize that, as quoted from a good book: “Happiness isonly real when it's shared” (Into the wild) This book inspired me, it amazed me of the influence that we have in others, how I can influence others and that's what I want to do. I'll write books,novels, articles, without going beyond, where each of us in this world will be recognized as persons and discover that everyone were in just one line and if this is a problem for a lot of people, clearlythe solution is not in avoiding each other.
I realized that I want to give my life for this ideal, that I have the abilities, because I have the interest, the ambition to know, to feel. Because I'msure that what is missing is to know us and discover ourselves and only this way we will recognize between us. Only this way we will understand ourselves. Only this way the lines will cross and toeveryone, to me it will start to concern me the other, the other that is walking besides me.

I asked myself many times if this would be easy... to convince the world that what we believe is far awayreally is just in front of us. That what we thought was lost it has been already found, that the limites we make for ourselves, that there are no one responsible nor guilty of what happens to us...
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