Tony blair : adress to irish parliament

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  • Publicado : 30 de diciembre de 2010
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Tony Blair. Adress to Irish Parliament. November 26, 1998.

The text is a political speech adressed by Prime Minister Tony Blair to Irish Parliament.
It took place inIreland in 1998, being the first time that a British Prime Minister spoke to Irish Parliament. A Parliament formed eighty years before to defy the English government. But the meaning of his words hadtheir importance not only in that way, but it also made history in many other statements.
The discourse meaning was not only adressed to Irish and British people. It was also a speech towards the wholehumankind, as an example of how two nations, historically divided and conflicted of interests, with a sad and painfull past between them, can work together to reach an agreement which allow them tofind a seed of peace. The key for the sucess of this process was to look at the future as the opportunity of a new beginning for both.

This adress to Irish Parliament is the result of the sucessfullpeace process in Northern Ireland, after decades of armed conflicts. The Agreement of the Good Friday took to an end of 30 years of fighting between protestants and catholic people, military policyfrom Ulster and the British Army.
The author, Tony Blair became Prime Minister in 1997, only one year before this adress to the Irish Parliament. At that moment, Blair was a young politician whodominated the art of speech, and he could transmit hope and firmness to irish and british people.  Blair's role as Prime Minister was particularly visible in foreign and security policy. He is also the manwho embodied the so called New Labour, moving the party further to the centre.
There is in the test a saludation to the Senate of Ireland and the Irish Parliament using the gaelic terms Dail andSianad, and the phrase go raibh mile maith agaibh, which means thank you, as a form of respect and consideration.
At the beggining of the speech, Blair narrated some episodes of his own life. He...
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