Top 10 musthave business phone features

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Top 10 Must Have Business Phone Features
Small Businesses or Enterprise, these features are a must have!

Your business telephone system is a mission critical tool, so it’s imperative to pick the best system for your business, not only for today, but for the next few years.

By Kristen Stanton

Top 10 Must Have Business Phone Features

Top 10 Must HaveBusiness Phone Features

Top 10 Must Have Business Phone Features Your business telephone system is a mission critical tool, so it’s imperative to pick the best system for your business, not only for today, but for the next few years. With so many competing products on the market, it’s easy to get caught up with the unusual features and tools you hear about. But, as with everything, first you need tomake sure you have the basics covered. Then, it will make it easy to distinguish between the differences (and price points) with the unusual or advanced features. Here are 10 key features to look for in a phone system for your business.

How Will Your Phone System Be Used? Before getting a new phone system, you’ll need to clearly assess your needs. Imagine a typical month at your office, and thenconsider a best-case scenario in terms of business activity today and over the next few years. Consider: 1. All inbound calls that occur 2. All outbound calls that occur

Types of Calls Think about the kinds of phone calls that occur, such as:
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Individual, one-to-one phone calls, and how many people at your company make them. Local, national long distance, and international calls.Conference or group calls, such as those with your team and your client’s team, your entire sales team for a sales meeting, attendees to a webinar, etc. Inbound calls during off hours, such as sales and customer service inquiries. Inbound and outbound faxes, credit card terminals, etc.

Who Will Need a Phone and Where Will They Need Them? You may be surprised to think about the different placesin your office that you’ll want telephones and who will be using them.
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Receptionist’s desk Public areas, such as your lobby, waiting room, break room, hallway, etc. Additional temporary, contract, or part-time employees Guests, clients, partners Fax machines


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Top 10 Must Have BusinessPhone Features
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Credit card terminals, data ports Conference rooms Warehouse, storage room Server room, etc.

Scalability In addition to phone usage, you also want to consider how your phone system requirements might change over time, and make sure you get a system that will scale with your needs. Going through this exercise can take some time, but this is one of the most importantbusiness infrastructure decisions you’ll make, so it’s worth taking the time to pre-plan so you make the best decision.

Basic Phone System Features Here are 10 basic phone features that most businesses use on an ongoing basis. 1. Automated Attendant An auto attendant ensures that your inbound calls are always responded to, even if your staff is too busy to answer the phone or during off hours. Intoday’s environment, a business that does not have some kind of automated phone attendant is often considered “small fry” or even unprofessional. Auto attendants serve as stand-in receptionists and can come with a variety of customization tools, such as the ability to offer callers touch-tone options that route to specific people or extensions (through an automated directory), or differentmessages, including business hours and directions.

2. Hunt Group A hunt group is useful for important inbound calls, such as sales and customer service inquiries, that you do not want to go to voicemail. Hunt groups can be configured so that a group of local extensions ring in unison for inbound calls, or the incoming call is automatically routed to the first available extension in the group. And if...
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