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Every year, on September 14, thousands of devotees from Peru and some from places such as Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Chile go to the Sanctuary ofHuanca to receive the blessing of the Lord.

In 1675, Diego Quispe who was an Indian escaped from the Yasos mine where he had suffered abuse. He hid from his master in a cave, and it is said thatthis place was illuminated by the presence of God. As soon as the priests of Our Lady of Mercy heard the story, they had an artist from the Cusquenian School sent there to paint an image of the Lord inthe place where it had been seen.

The sanctuary of the Lord of Huanca is located 48 km from the city of Cusco at 3,100 meters in the district of San Salvador in the province of Calca in the Cuscoregion.

From Cusco, it takes 4 to 6 hours walk to get to "The Lord of Huanca", and 1 hour by car. Huanca is a beautiful place located at the foot of the mountain Pachatusan (who holds the world),almost to the river Vilcanota.

The Lord of Huanca was painted on a rock around which has raised an altar. As the story goes, in 1675 the Indian Diego Quispe, tired of the abuses he suffered in themine Yasos, took flight.

He found a hiding in a cave, where it was illuminated by the presence of Christ. Priests Mercy of Cusco, on learning, commissioned a renowned artist of the Cuzco school topaint a picture of the Lord in the place was the appearance.

Since then the image began to be worshiped and every September 14th innumerable devotees arrive at the scene, even from Argentina,Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay to be blessed by the priest of the shrine and their aspirations come true.

Usually, the pilgrims usually come to stay a few days before and after September 14, the date ofthe celebration. They sleep in tents near the park Shiloh, where the water lies the Lord of Huanca. More than one is convinced that miraculously healed after washing the head in this room. Every 14,...
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