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Totalitarianism Amairani Zuñiga
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The totalitarianisim is a modern autocratic government in which the state involves itself in allfacets of society, including the daily life of its citizens. A totalitarian government seeks to control not only all economic and political matters but the attitudes, values, and beliefs of itspopulation, erasing the distinction between state and society. The citizen's duty to the state becomes the primary concern of the community, and the goal of the state is the replacement of existing society witha perfect society.

• The caracteristics of the totalitarianism are

• An official ideology to which general adherence was demanded, the ideology intended to achieve a ‘perfect finalstage of mankind‘.

• A single mass party, hierarchically organised, closely interwoven with the state bureaucracy and typically led by one man.

• Monopolistic control of the armed forces.• A similar monopoly of the means of effective mass communication.

• A system of terroristic police control.

Central control and direction of the entire economy.

During the secondwordls war the most important totalitarian goverments were :
Italy and Mussolini. Mussolini never created an exclusive ideology: Fascism existed alongside the Roman Catholic Church, illustrated by theLateran Treaty of 1929, and the monarchy, that dismissed him in 1943. Italian Fascism has been likened to a style of government and compared to Germany and the USSR, Italian terrorist police activitywas limited: Mussolini‘s singular economic policy, corporatism, was loosely executed. What Mussolini, with his grounding in journalism, did achieve was a skilful projection of Fascist ideas throughpropaganda. Hitler acknowledged that he learned from these successes.
The USSR and Stalin. Stalin vigorously followed a policy of strengthening Communist party power and, from the late 1920s, social...
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