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[Level 3]
[Unit 1 The way we are]

[Header:] DRAG AND DROP Manner adverbs and adjectives
[Instructions:] Choose the correct words to complete the sentences. There is one extra word.

[Answer Choices:] different hard differently quickly

1. My life is very busy, and I’m often in a hurry, so I do everything [quickly]. My friends tell me I need to slow down, and I think they’reright. I’m going to try_[hard]_ to plan my time [differently] in the future.

[Answer Choices:] carefully fast careful strongly

2. I don’t like it when people drive too _[fast]_. It’s just not safe. I’m a _[careful]_ driver, and I think people should drive slowly. I feel pretty [strongly] about it.

[Answer Choices:] patient automatically lateseriously

3. I take my job _[seriously]_. I never arrive _[late] at the office, and I always work very hard. My only problem is in meetings. I’m not a quiet person, so when I have an idea, I say what I think [automatically], and sometimes I interrupt people.

[Answer Choices:] easily easy different terrible

4. My brother Tom and I are so [different]. I’m very shy and quiet,but Tom makes friends [easily]. Tom’s also a good singer, but when I try to sing, my voice sounds [terrible].

[Footer:] This activity practices grammar from Lesson A.
[* indicates correct answer]
[Level 3]
[Unit 1 The way we are]

[Header:] WHAT DO YOU HEAR? Questions giving alternatives
[Instructions:] Click on the audio icon. Listen. Do you hear a question giving an alternative? Clickon yes or no.

1. [audio: Do you learn new vocabulary quickly? Or does it take you a long time?] [L3U01WL01.mp3]
*[ ] yes
[ ] no

2. [audio: Do you always drive safely? Do you try to drive carefully?] [L3U01WL02.mp3]
[ ] yes
*[ ] no

3. [audio: Do you sometimes interrupt people when they’re speaking? Do you finish people’s sentences?] [L3U01WL03.mp3]
[ ] yes
*[ ] no

4. [audio:Do you do your English homework carefully? Or do you do it quickly?] [L3U01WL04.mp3]
*[ ] yes
[ ] no

5. [audio: Do you make friends easily? Or are you shy?] [L3U01WL05.mp3]
*[ ] yes
[ ] no

6. [audio: Are you often in a hurry? Do you get impatient in long lines? ] [L3U01WL06.mp3]
[ ] yes
*[ ] no

7. [audio: Do you drive slowly? Or are you a fast driver?] [L3U01WL07.mp3]
*[ ]yes
[ ] no

8. [audio: Do you want to take a vacation this summer? Do you like the beach?] [L3U01WL08.mp3]
[ ] yes
*[ ] no
[Footer:] This activity practices pronunciation from Lesson A.
[Level 3]
[Unit 1 The way we are]

[Header:] GUESS THE WORD Personalities

1. generous
Hint: You often give to others.

2. arrogant
Hint: You’re too proud.

3. easygoing
Hint:You’re laid-back and relaxed.

4. disorganized
Hint: You often lose or forget things.

5. honest
Hint: You always tell the truth.

6. selfish
Hint: You think only of yourself.

7. outgoing
Hint: You’re not shy.

8. reliable
Hint: Your friends can count on you.

[Footer:] This activity practices vocabulary from Lesson B.
[Level 3]
[Unit 1 The way we are]

[Header:] UNSCRAMBLETHE SENTENCE Adverbs before adjectives and adverbs
[Instructions:] Unscramble the sentence.

1. is / wonderful / absolutely / my teacher
[My teacher is absolutely wonderful.]

2. is / disorganized / my sister / totally
[My sister is totally disorganized.]

3. is / talented / that woman / extremely
[That woman is extremely talented.]

4. honest /my best friend / completely / is
[Mybest friend is completely honest.]

5. an / person / you are / generous / incredibly
[You are an incredibly generous person.]

6. unfriendly / he’s / really / some people / think
[Some people think he’s really unfriendly.]

[Footer:] This activity practices grammar from Lesson B.
[* indicates correct answer]
[Level 3]
[Unit 1 The way we are]

[Header:] MATCHING Describing individual...
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