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The tour guide can be classified according to the jobs and fields:

1. Room tour guide
2. Local tour guide
3. Courrier tour guide
4. Tour Leader or tourconductor
5. Pilot tour guide
6. Accompanied tour guide
7. Specialized tour guide
8. Tour escort

The tour guide’s classification is made according to the task they do and to the atmosphere orenvironment where they work.

1. Room tour guide

Their activity is in a certain environment. Could be a room or a building

They work in expositions, congress, hotels,airports, bus station, train station and his work is not necessary with tourist.


• They welcome to visitors.
• They conduct or lay the group inside the building.
• They informabout facilities inside the building and outside the building (room, offices, toilets, garage, areas for using computers, locations of stands, details of the events of programs)
• They controlthe order of the place
• They provide help for the public welfare.

2. Local tour guide

They are guides who jobs are developed in a city and in the area around. They can be speciallays in any topic.
They have direct contact with tourist so the knowledge and activities must be superior of a room tour guide, is very important to speak foreign languages.Functions
• They have to provide tourist services to visitors like the transfers or city tours.
• They have to inform about historical, geographical, cultural, social topics.
• They have toinform passengers about restaurants, shopping centers, recreation areas.
• They have to recreate tourists and help visitors solving problems (health problems, documents problems, luggage problems).3. Tour Leader or tour conductor

He is the person who travels with the group to any foreign country.
When a big group is traveling is very important to have a tour...
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