Tourism in bocas del toro

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Bocas del Toro Overview
Direct and Indirect Factors of Tourism
 Direct
 Natural attraction
 Islands
 Beaches
 Bays, cays, creeks and inlets
 Touristic sites
 Festivals and traditions
 Another places to visit
 Another places to visit
 Hotels, hostels, lodge, natural reserves hotels, etc. (with their facilities)
 Restaurants and coffee shops Tour operators
 People
 Indirect
 Souvenirs and clothes stores
 Education
 Other services
 Communication
 Sistemas Bancarios
Additional Information
Tourism circuits
Activities maps

Bocas del Toro is a province of the Republic of Panama, it is know, as well, as a paradise, competing with the most famous touristic destination in theCaribbean.
But how we know how many and which are the direct and indirect tourism factor exploited resources and why?
This is our contribution to the class, we could be able to solve the questions about the tourism in Bocas and the factors influencing the touristic flow in the state.
And at the end you could be able to find a hotel or some activities you can do in Bocas del Toro.


Since after Christopher Columbus and his crew discovered this paradise named Bocas del Toro, in 1502, the outsiders have had an approach of what is Heaven like on earth.
Bocas del Toro has an area of 4,601 square kilometers, and according to the last Census of year 2000, there is an 89,269 population.
Its flag consists of three horizontal bars, as you can see on this figure:Fig. 1 Flag of Bocas del Toro Province

With a colorful and joyful atmosphere everywhere you go, Bocas is one, if not the most, beautiful province in the Republic of Panama.
Excellent attention, good food, and a very interesting nightlife, make sure you feel worry-free.
There is a wide variety of Hotels, Restaurants and transportation, at very fair rates.
Bocas had two clearly identifiedtourism areas according to former IPAT:
2. Bastimentos Island
However, after becoming IPAT the new ATP, Bocas del Toro itself is now a whole region, focusing towards sun and beach tourism, ecotourism and cultural tourism.
There’s plenty of potential development on these areas, that can take any tourist to a new level of experience.

Font: Tourism Master Plan Interactive CD. IPAT1999-2002. Provide by: Prof. Jorge Antonio Martinez.

At the new Master Tourism Plan of 2007-2020 of the Panamanian Tourism Authority (ATP), the touristic zones was modified into regions, because in some places the attractiveness are too apart each other and it is necessary to classified and place it in the same region to develop the specific attraction of that region.
In this Master Plan Bocasdel Toro was placed in the first region which is important to develop the son and beach tourism, ecotourism and cultural tourism.

The province capital is Bocas del Toro situated in Colon Island; the province consists of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, Almirante Bay, Chiriquí Lagoon, and adjacent mainland.
The province has three districts:
Bocas del Toro
Chiriquí Grande
Italso contains 2 National parks and another natural resources like:
PILA (La Amistad National Park)
Bastimentos Island National Marine Park
San San Pon Sak Wetland
In Bocas we can found 9 mayor island, a lot of little island with beautiful beaches and impressive flora and fauna.
The economics is based on the touristic industry and in the banana plantation .

Font: Tourism Master PlanInteractive CD. IPAT 1999-2002. Provide by: Prof. Jorge Antonio Martinez.

Font: Tourism Master Plan Interactive CD. IPAT 1999-2002. Provide by: Prof. Jorge Antonio Martinez.


Bocas del Toro was exploited as a touristic paradise specially to Americans and European visitors.
The attractivenesses are an important part of the...
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