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English parliament: The Abortion

Andrea: hello sis, how are you?

Paula: breathing you know…

Andrea: ok… thank you for the niceness

(Uncomfortable silence)

Paula: oh god… I can’t handle this anymore… I’m going to talk right now with mom to take me to the clinic for getting rid of this

Andrea: WHAT?! You cannot talk like that of this baby… want it or not, you must be take chargeof him now

Paula: but I’m still so young! There is so many thing that I haven’t done yet! And other that I won’t be able to do because of this little thing… it’s so unfair… my life sucks!

Andrea: why don’t you just stop blaming life and make yourself responsible for the stupid things that you do? As you said… you are too little for being doing adult’s things…

Paula: oh forgive me forcomplaining about my relationship full of love and comprehension…

Andrea: but what are you talking about?? What do you refer?

Paula: I’m talking about that I was raped sister… I don’t want the child that is inside of me… he hasn’t been planned or wanted… and that’s why I’m going to make an abortion, for not ruining my life

Andrea: oh sis, I haven’t any idea of that… but still, you can’t killsomeone… you cannot take away his right to live a little baby… who are you thinking you are to decide take the life of a defenseless child?

Paula: Perhaps was not I defenseless? Did I plan all this? I don’t think so … I’m not doing that just for me sister… I’m doing this because if I stay whit the baby he is going to suffer… he and I and everybody … I’m just fifteen without a job or a man by myside that supports me… I don’t want to ruin more my life, thank you very much

Andrea: don’t be panic… there is always a solution for everything you know? I’m trying myself to put in your shoes and I discovered …

Paula: YOU CANNOT BE IN MY SHOES! YOU ARE NOT IN MY SHOES! You weren’t raped you are not waiting for a stranger’s son; your life is not ruined! Can you imagine how it’s going to bethe life for me now? I will have to leave the studies or probably study at night ... I will not be able to continue going out with my friends ... I will have to take care of the baby all the time! I don’t want it! I want to keep studying! I want to keep going out with my friends! I want to be a normal teenager! I’m not supposed to take charge of a baby… not now that I’m fifteen don’t you think?It’s a big responsibility! Scarcely I can take care of myself and do you expect that I take charge of a baby? I’m sorry but you are totally insane sister! At this time of my life the only thing that I don’t want is a baby… I’m sure that you can understand that… And for my situation is only ONE solution… the abortion. I’m sorry if I’m too cruel but it’s the truth, and I don’t really care if you like itor not, it is my decision :/

Andrea: BUT YOU CANNOT KILL SOMEONE! That little human being that you has inside, has the same right as you have of a life full of dignity. Look… I was not supposed to talk about this but you weren’t expected honey… you were a surprise for mom and dad but they still kept you because they loved you! Because you were a gift! Every single child that born is a God’sgift and we should love them and take charge of them. You can’t get ride of him like he was a dress or a pair of shoes you know… HE IS YOUR SON… and God’s son too… and I think that you don’t want to kill a God’s son… besides, every year there is more than a four point five million of young women that resort to the induced abort because they ‘don’t want a baby at this time of their life’ and many ofthis times they do it in a unsafely conditions. In Latin-America and the Caribbean, there are about 36 abortions for every thousand teenagers and in México; there are approximately 13 abortions for every thousand young women between thirteen and nineteen years old.

Paula: YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! If mom and dad kept me it was because they loved each other! They had in spite of what taking care...
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