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The book that I will carry out the project 2 has the following title: the genius of language.
This book is a hardback and it is a textbook it’s not a part ofseries by the same its not a serial publication for its an unique book , in turn this book has got a blurb found on the reverse of the cover to bring the book to the reader with a brief summary ofwhat is.
The book hasn´t got an index that used to present the points to be an issue and serves to show how it is structured that topic and the table of contents is at the veining of the book, in page Vll , that agilest used for the searches the contents of a subject through the statements in this.
This book hasn’t got any glossary and it hasn’t got an appendice nor has bibliographyas it is written by various authors of different nationalities. The book presents a brief review of those authors located at the end of the book in page 237-241.
Among these authors noted LouisBegley, James Campbell, Ariel Dorman, M.J. Fitzgerald, ha-Yun Jung´s Bert Keizer, Thomas liqueur, Leonard Michaels, Bharati Mukherjee, Nicholas Papandreou
Luc Santé, Sary Hteyngart , JosefSkvorecky Amy tan Gugi Wa Thiong`o
This book is printed in the United States of America. And published in the United States by Pantheon books, a division of Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto.The number of pages is 241 and the ISBN is o-375-42238-2.
Finally we can point to as another quality of the book, that is written by a single author or two in the plurality of the ordinary, butfor 15 authors or contributors listed above.
In a sparkling collection of original essays, fifteen writers reflect on their original languages, the mother tongues thatshaped the English they write as well as the people they have become. A book which they say is a book brimming with pleasures for lovers of literature, travel, memoir, and, above all, language.
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