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Select the correct option according to the audio:

Structures built by the nonprofit do not require:
Seleccione una respuesta.

a. Money and skills training

b. Architectural plansc. Electric power Well done !!!

d. Sport centers
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Use There isn’t / There aren’t / don’t have / doesn’t have / enough, for the blankas corresponds.

Teachers __________________time to correct all these papers.
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a. don’t have enough Well Done..!!!

b. enough

c. there isn’t enoughd. there aren’t
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Select the best option to complet the phrase.

They always apologize about _________ enough time to prepare for exams.Seleccione una respuesta.

a. don't having

b. not have

c. don't have

d. not having Well done¡
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Degrees of certaintyRead the biography and select.

Mozart began playing and composing music when he was six years old. He toured all over Europe where he was honored in many cities. He composed over 600 works inhis lifetime.
He died poor.
Now, you can say: _________________________________________
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a. He loved operas and symphonies

b. He could be talented

c. Hebegan playing violin

d. He was a genius Incorrect!, this isn´t reason
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According to the "Dialogue 2" answer the following question:Who is coming to play at the stadium next month?
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a. Jack Screecher.

b. Mick Screecher Correct. Your answer is according with the dialogue.

c. AngelaPrescott

d. Juanes.
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