Trabajo ecologia

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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2012
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|Name: Jesús López Briceño |Registration: 2615072 |
|Course Title: Ecology and Geography.|Teacher’s Name: Carmen Espinosa |
|Module: 1. Introduction to ecology |Activity: 1. What is ecology? ||Date: 16/01/12 |Team: NO |
|Universidad TECMilenio – Blackboard ||(htpp:// |
|Teoría de la Selección Natural – |
|Death Dolphins – CNN U.S. ||( |

• Determine the use of the ecology of science.
•Identify the diverse disciplines that support ecology.
• Explain the scientific method steps.
• Identify the meaning and importance of environment.
• Identify biotic and abiotic factors andknow how they have an influence on the environment.

1. At first, I oppened Blackboard.
2. Then, I started looking at the visual aids and the instructions at the same time.
3.I developed all the points of the homework.
4. Finally, I made a short conclusion of my work.

1. Select three branches of ecology and describe them. Then, choose the...