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  • Publicado : 18 de agosto de 2010
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Canada is a constitutional monarchy which monarch is Queen Elizabeth II (Queen of United Kingdom since 1952) who has the function to reminds the government that the power rest in them, but just forsome time. However, it’s important to say that United Kingdom doesn’t have any sovereignty over Canada, and the Queen just can receive the advice of Canada’s government. (“Monarchy in Canada”) Here iswhere the Governor-General, Michaëlle Jean, takes place as the official representative of the Queen in Canada, within the ten Lieutenant Governors. (“Role of the Governor General”)
Also there is aParliament divided in The House of Commons (called as the Lower House) and The Senate (called as the Upper House) which have the function of making and approving laws. The head of The House of Commonsis the Prime Minister Steven Harper since 2006, who has a big influence in the lawmaking process of the Parliament. (“Parliament”)

("Canada's System of Government." Parlament of Canada. TheInstitutions of Our Federal Government.)
The Department in charge of all the things related to the immigration to Canada is the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) (Canada visa, par. 1)
There isanother organization or institution that is taking part on this immigration control of the county is the Immigration Watch Canada. The basic or principal point of this is trying to reduce the number ofimmigrants on the nation. The purpose is, in a first place; reduce the levels of immigrants to a 20% of the annual percentage. (Immigration Watch Canada, par. 2)
“Canada's federal government has neverprovided a rational answer to the question of why Canada has been bringing in so many people. At different times, it has claimed that it is bringing in large numbers of people to stimulate Canada'seconomy, to stop an alleged population decline, or to prevent problems created by an aging population.” (Immigration Watch Canada, par. 16)
This is an opinion from the organization; it says that they...