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1.Complete the telephone conversation that Malcolm had with ogilvie after the auction. Use as many words as you like.
Malcolm: Hello; sir. I was trying to get hold of you.
Oglive:Why?what's happened?
Malcolm: Not at all. I've bought Ashton's model raiway
Ogilvie: Bought his railway? and you want me to pay for it? You're an idiot! If you want a boy's toy..
Malcolm: Just aminute, sir. It`s not a toy. I believe it's actually a very clever computer.
Ogilvie: A computer? you must be out of your mind.
Malcolm: No; let me explain. I realized what it was because of thetimetable.
Ogilvie: What timetable?
Malcolm: the one Ashonton tried to give me when he was dying. I didn't understand at the time, but I do now.
Ogilvie: You may understand, but I'm afraid i don´t!Malcolm: It was Michaelis who made me think of it. He told me that Ashton's timetables didn`t fit the books that he had. In fact they didn`t fit any normal pattern.
Ogielve: So you`re telling me that therailway..?
Malcolm: Yes, I believe the railway is a short of mechanical computer, and the timetables are programs.
Ogielve: That's all very well, but why did you have to by the model?Could´t youjust stop the auction?
Malcolm: the auctioneer refused to stop without a letter from Penny herself, and I couldn't get hold of her.
Ogilvie: but why did it have to cost so much money?
Malcolm: A richAmerican who collects model raiways was also trying to buy it. He was ready to pay a lot of money for it.
2.Fill in the graps in this paragraph with words from the story.
Penny Ashton was abiologist who had made a special study of genetics. Her father became interested in her research and because he had originally studied mathematics, he was able to work with computer programs without doingexperiments in a laboratory.
Penny was doing important work to help people suffering from cancer. Her boss, Professor Lumsden, was also working on isolating the genes of plants and animals, to try and...
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