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  • Publicado : 21 de septiembre de 2010
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High school: Los Angeles

Teacher: Nadia Solis

Students name: Kevin Flores Mejia and Wilhelm Rodriguez Chavarria

Theme: Investigation about The Supreme Court of Elections

Date of delivery:Tuesday, September 14

Section: 9-B

Year: 2010

The supreme court of elections created there for the years 1821 the cause of its creation was for the first elections we had and these werebecause we had to choose a president.But the supreme court of elections nontapeworm that name before september 14 because its name was electoral national court,another important review of the court isthat it wasn’t independent inasmuch as it depended of the constitution but thanks to Jose Figueres Ferrer who fought for the rights of the supreme court of elections and until now the court have theirown rights and is an independent assembly.
In a law governed that the supreme court of elections is an institutional organ which mission or principal function is resposible of theorganization,suveillance and direction relatives to the suffrage and renforced by several provisions such as:
* Such judges and court staff is forbidden take part of politic campaigns and other political acts.* The resolutions issued don’t have resource except the action for prevarivato.
* The above ratified the supreme court of elections is internationaly recognized.
Coming up I going to show you theprincipal functions of the supreme court of elections:
* To summon to popular elections.
* To name the members of the electoral meetings.
* To interpret in exclusive form everything aboutthe electoral matter.
* To know in raised the appealable resolutions that dictate the civil registry.
* To pronunce themselves to all denunciation formulated by the parties.
* To dictatewith respect to the public force the pertinent measures so that the electoral processes are developed in conditions or unrestricted guarantees and freedom.
* To execute the definitive scrutiny...
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