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  • Publicado : 17 de octubre de 2010
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Good Morning.
Today in reporters, we are going to watch an investigation about the old people, and they diseases that afflict them.
In the past, old people can die for serious diseases just likearrhythmias, hypertension, osteoarthritis, etc. which consist in common diseases of old people, but a study of the University of Michigan has revealed that they can die from new diseases such asAlzheimer, Constipation, cancer. This is happening because they changed the habits of people over the years. In the future, researchers who conducted the study include older people to 70 years; will diefrom new diseases, such as brain stroke or diabetes.
Medics from different institutions recommend the following instructions:
If you drink 2 liters of water in the day, you will avoid diseases suchas diabetes and constipation.
If you eat vegetables almost twice in the week in your entire life, you will prevent a brain stroke, Alzheimer or cancer.
Finally, you will avoid serious diseases ifyou make exercise almost three times in the week.
In other news:
Creative, hardworking and punctual people are winning more money who people don´t have these skills, according to research by thewebsite "Future Work". This is demostrated because they get better jobs and they can handle different situations that may arise in work, such as work pressure or lack of time. On the other hand,disorganized people, moody and forgetful people, they win less money. Professionals recommend to people with these problems, take courses and seminars to improve their skills and personality traits.Returning from our commercial break, the report of our special envoy.
Today we will talk about Chile, is a country located in Southamerica. They are one of the biggest producers of copper in the world,because they have too many mines in the Atacama´s Desert. They, actually produce molybdenum, around the 35% of the requirement in the planet. Also in Chile was born Pablo Neruda, one´s of the Nobel...
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