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Completa las 30 cuestiones con una de las 3 opciones
1.- where is he from?
Is are am
2.- she is having a bath now
Is having has having
3.-is the disc put into the disc drive?
Is are it is
4.- the train left at time
In on at
5.- Diana went to Italy a week ago
Goes went go
6.- we hate Wait
Wait waits waiting
7.- ok, I think I’ll come with you
I’ll I’m goingto I
8.- she types a lot more quickly than you
Much quickly quickly more quickly
9.- we have some milk, we don’t have any eggs
Some/any some /some
10.-was he working yesterday
Was were are
11.- I was reading a novel when he knocked at the door
Read have read was reading
12.- this isn’t Laura's bag. Hers is bigger
Hers/bigger her/bigger hers/biger
13.- we’ve decided to getmarried in the summer
To get getting got
14.- the burglar broke into her flat
Broke broke into broke in
15.- I only have a few potatoes
A few a little little
16.-china has the biggest population in the world
The a so
17.- last year there were people from all over the world
Were was are
18.- after she had made the coffee, she sat down
Make has made had made
19.- I’ve yetmade some coffee, it’s in the kitchen
Yet just ever
20.- I think it would be a good idea to hold the conference in Spain this year
To hold hold holding
21.-that lovely old house shouldn’t have been pulled down
Shouldn’t mustn’t wouldn’t
22.-I’m very hungry because I have been waiting since 6:30
I wait I have waited I have been waiting
23.- if rain I will get wet
Rains it rainsrain
24.- at this time tomorrow we’ll be flying over the Atlantic
We flying we’ll be flying we’ll fly
25.- my parents meet ______ us _____ at

26.- while the period off warranty all repairs to the system are free
Along while during
27.- which team won the game
Did it win won did they win
28.- for the period of two years from installation the control system is cover by full warrantyWill cover are covered is cover
29.-we don’t believe what peter told us about marry whit think he’s making up
He’s making he is making up
30.-this book is worth reading
Reading read

Making a product

1. Marca brand name
2. Negocios business
3. Empresa o compañia company
4. Empleado employee
5. Fabrica factory
6. Oficinas centrales head quarters7. Industria industry
8. Delantera leading
9. Multinacional multinational
10. Oficina office
11. Venta al por menor retail
12. Salario salary
13. Horario schedule
14. Plantilla staff
15. Impuesto tax
16. Garantía warranty
17. Venta al por mayor whole sell
18. Lugar de trabajo work place

Formar una empresa donde le darás unnombre y ubicación así como las personas que formaran la plantilla de trabajo.
Establecer el salario para cada uno de los de la plantilla de trabajo y su actividad de tu empresa a elaborar un producto donde le darás un nombre, un precio impuesto y garantía.

Company name: future shoes
Address: Nva. Rosita, Coahuila, Mexico
Zip code: 26860

Staff: Ichiro Takeshi Sánchez Motomochi
Juan Gabriel Maldonado
Alejandro Díaz
Antonio Pompa

Salary: Activity Salary
Ricardo sells product $200
Ichiro operator $90
Alejandro software $200
Antonio designer $180
Gabriel quality $180

Product: data sport shoes $180
Tax: 1.5%
Warrant:1 year * lose the warranty is you wash the shoes

Rita: tell me about your brother and sister, sue
Sue: well, mysister works for the government.
Rita: oh, what does she do?
Sue: I’m not sure, she’s working on a very secret project right now.
Rita: wow!! And what about your brother?
Sue: he’s a wildlife photographer
Rita: what an interesting family can I meet then?
Sue: uh! No my sister away she’s not working in the united states this month.
Rita: and your brother?
Sue: he’s traveling in the Amazon...
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