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Human trafficking is a very old phenomenon that only since the past two decades has been out to the published light. In other words, we are facing an old problem with a new name.
Human trafficking is a crime far more complex than usually takes place in three key stages:
The recruits attending the victim indirectly through advertisements in print media, contacts
Internet, referrals from familyor acquaintances, alleged employment opportunities, recruitment agencies, offering courses, travel agencies, schools, canteens, sentimental manipulation through the courtship and marriage, among others.
Once recruited the victim will be transferred to the destination where it will be exploited. Transfers can be done with passports, visas and official identity documents, without them or with falsedocuments. They also often use the so-called "identity theft" that is, the generation of identity documents not belonging to the victim, not just passports, but birth certificates, social security credentials, school reports, among others, making it difficult greatly the identification and enforcement.
They are a structured group of three or more persons, existing for a time andacting in concert with the aim of committing one or more serious crimes or offenses established in order to obtain, directly or indirectly, a financial or other material benefit.
Anyone can be a victim of trafficking. However, it has become clear that the most vulnerable group concerned mainly women, and children, especially when it comes to sexual exploitation, slavery and economicexploitation some sectors such as domestic work, agriculture or maquiladoras. While the Trafficking Protocol does not define the crime under a gender approach, affects women and girls unequally, not only occupy a majority among the total number of victims, but because the trafficking of women tends to have a more severe given the forms of exploitation to which they are subjected and theconsequences are traumatic and devastating for their physical, psychological and emotional.
According to hard evidence, direct or potential victims of trafficking are usually women between 18 and 25 years with zero income levels or poor, undereducated, unemployed or precarious employment prospects and direct one or more dependents.
There is also evidence of the increasing use of children smaller andsmaller with sexual exploitation, pornography and forced labor. The sale or abduction of minors for these purposes are taking increasingly worrying dimensions.
This reflects the demand of abusers which is usually based on perceptions, stereotypes and specific requirements. For example, according to INTERPOL 25 in some African countries, more and more girls trafficked for commercial sexualexploitation because "consumers" believe that sex with virgins cure AIDS princesses or girls and children transmit less STDs.
Generally, in regard to the commercial sexual exploitation, this concerns children and young women in situations of social vulnerability: displaced, refugees, homeless, victims of family violence or domestic abuse , among others. It should be emphasized that at this point there isno single profile for the phenomenon can touch all levels of society.
There are also young and middle-class youth with a certain level of education that are recruited with false promises of jobs as escorts, hostesses and models.
In other words, poverty, discrimination, gender inequality, lack of economic opportunities, ignorance and the promise of material benefits are some of the key elementsthat affect the problem of trafficking.
Use of violence or threat of physical violence, psychological and / or sexual. Often children and young women are beaten or raped by their traffickers as a way to keep them under. In the case of physical violence hurts the person in places not visible, like the belly or thighs.
Threat of being sent to prison...
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