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English Working
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Imagine you are a journalist for the school newspaper. With a partner write an article about the common places and cities usually your classmates visit onvacation. Some of them interview, asking things like the best time to visit That Place, the weather, activities Tourists can do, typical food and people can buy things there.

BogotáThe city of Bogota is the capital of Colombia; people are living in this humble people thrown to the front and create a pleasant environment for all those who visit.
The climate of the citydistrict is approximately 14 ° c a pleasant climate for different people to this visit.
The food is typical of Bogota santafereño apiece in this beautiful city but also have different and beautifulrestaurants serving the best local foods of different countries.
The best times to visit the Colombian capital district are in June and December, as this has several parks that different tourists visit atthis time to relax and spend a day of madness and a spectacular experience.
Bogota Capital District has different benefits and different are the various factories of shoes, underwear, shirts,sweaters and so this is one of the cities which tourists prefer to take a souvenir of the various Colombian clothing and other countries and imported products from other countries into this.


Medellin is the capital of Antioquia, people who live here are known as the "paisa", these are people who will measure all types of work and correct their business. The best times tovisit the campus is in December and that this date has the better lighting around the country who visit this at the time had said earlier will have to talk about because it is one of the best experiencesof anyone
Medellin's climate is very cold at night and warm during the day as it is very beautiful at night because the house lights illuminate the entire Medellin.
The typical dishes are many...
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