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Transmileniois the principle system of transport in Bogota, Colombia since January, 2001. The system started with 92 articulated buses, which areconstructed of two red bus structures connected in the middle by a flexible tube. There are exclusive paths for these buses that run throughout the city.There are three types of station. First, Main called “portales” located at the beginning and at the end of the roadways. Second, medium it issituated in the most important intersection. Finally, simple it is located every ¼ of a mile along the routes. The capacity is approximately 160 passengers,43 seated, and 114 standing. The ticket price is $0, 70. The system has a specific card to go inside the bus called “smart card”. These cards registerhow many times you can use the system. The maximum limit to charge the card is 50 times. The people experience depends on how the rules arerespected. There are some rules to follow to get a nice travel. First, don’t travel with big bags or objects that hinder mobility. Second, wait for allpassengers who wish to get off the bus have done before starting to go inside. Don’t use the blue chairs. The chairs are to the people with disabilities, theelderly and pregnant women or children. In conclusion the transmilenio system has been doing the faster transportation in the city, some people areagree with the system, and some people are disagree with the system, but the true is the system is growing in the city, and this is the new life style.
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