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Why visit Chiloe?


History of Chiloe

Chiloe is an archipielago of southern Chile, began with the arrival of the first humans to landbefore the year 3,000 a.C.

Its capital is Castro, and its greatest attraction is its beautiful landscapes and architecture that dates back centuries, besides being one of the largest island ofChile.

No agreement yet on the theory of the peopling of these islands. Some authors suggest a Polynesian origin and others, Mongolian. Also holds the source from the continent, ancient indigenousChileans. According to this, the huilliches, "Southern men" in Mapuche language, are those originating in these regions. But he also argues that huilliches be one of the many immigrant groups in thearchipelago, along with chonos or "bumpkins" and cuncos. It is not ruled out the theory of immigration of Polynesians, who have influenced the racial composition of Chiloe.
To be excellent sailors couldnavigate vast domains of thousands of kilometers from the Chacao channel to the Beagle Channel or the Gulf of Penas to Isla Navarino.

In a sea of unresolved mysteries, it seems clear that theoriginal chilotes made contact with the Cuncos, Huilliches, Arauca and then with the Spanish
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Chiloe TourismChiloe National Park

Comprises 43,057 hectares and is located on the western slopes of the Cordillera de la Costa, where its name is Piuchén. Is divided into three areas: Chepu, islet Metalqui andAnay.

In general the climates is humid and temperate oceanic, with mean annual temperatures of 10 °C. The hydrography is characterized by the presence of small rivers that flow into the ocean.Including Abtao, Cole Cole, Cypress Grove, Refugio.

The flora is characterized by evergreen forest. Species among them are the Tepa, Myrtle, Olivillo, Luma, Tepú, Larch and Coigüe. The fauna is...
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