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Disaster desastre
Ex: One hundred and twenty people died in China's worst air disaster.
Tragedy tragedia
Ex: The tragedy happened as they were returning home from a night out.
Earthquake terremoto
Ex: An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale struck southern California on June 28.
Drought sequía
Ex: This year a severe drought has ruined the crops.
Explosion(n) explosión
Ex: Several people were injured in the Fukushima bomb explosion.
Verb explote
Hurricane huracán
Ex: The state of Florida was hit by a hurricane that did serious damage.
Tornado (es) tornado
The most violent tornados are capable of tremendous destruction with wind speeds of 250mph.
Typhoon tifón
Ex: The 169 000-ton vessel went down during a typhoon in the South China Sea.Volcano (es) volcán
Ex: Pompeii was destroyed when the volcano erupted in 79AD.
Injure (v) herir (personas)
Ex: Angus injured his leg playing rugby.
Noun injury; Noun injured; Adj injured
Damage dañar (cosas)
Ex: Many buildings were badly damaged during the war.
Famine hambruna
Ex: Thousands of people emigrated during the Irish potato famine of 1845-46.
Flood inundación
Ex:After the flood it took weeks for the water level to go down.

Major accident accidente grave
Ex: We know that a major oil tanker accident is a catastrophe wherever it may occur.
Epidemic epidemia
Ex: Over 500 people died during last year's flu epidemic.
War guerra
Ex: If this country goes to war we will have to face the fact that many people will die.

Civil War Guerra civil
Ex: TheSpanish Civil War lasted from 1936 to 1939.
Erupt (v) eruptar (volcán)
Ex: Since the volcano last erupted, many houses have been built in a dangerous position on its slopes.
Noun eruption.
Spread extender (la mantequilla, el fuego, un rumor, una epidemia,…)
Ex: The flu epidemic spread rapidly through the country.
Starve (v) morir de hambre
Ex: Whole communities starved to death duringthe long drought.
Verb starve; Noun starvation; Adjective starving & starved.
Shake agitar (un terremoto)
Ex: A big earthquake shoot the city at noon today
Suffer sufrir
Ex: I think he suffered quite a lot when his wife left him.

Break out estallar (la Guerra)
Ex: Civil war has broken out in the north of the country.
Sweep barrer
Ex: A tornado swept through the islandsyesterday.
Casualty víctima (tu entre ellas)
Ex: The explosion resulted in 300 casualties.
Victim victima (no te ha pasado nada)
Ex: The victim received head injuries from which she died a week later.
Survivor superviviente (tras un desastre, un ataque, vivir más que nadie, sin dinero)
Ex: He was the sole (= only) survivor of the plane crash.
Verb survive; Personal noun survivor; Generalnoun survival (supervivencia)
Refugee refugiado
Ex: Refugees were streaming across the border.
Dead muerto/muerte/morir
Ex: Her mother had been dead for ten years.
Wounded herido
Ex: During the battle, the dead and wounded were flown out in helicopters.
AIDS Síndrome de la inmunodeficiencia adquirida (SIDA)
Ex: AIDS tests are now performed on all people who offer to become blood donors.Leprosy lepra
Ex: The Bible says that Jesus cured a leprous.
Adjective leprous
Boarded up cerrar (casas, comercios)
Ex: People had boarded up shops and houses during the day before, and stayed indoors.
Connected conectado
Ex: a computer connected to the Internet.
Cracked agrietado
Ex: the Earth is cracked and vegetation has withered.
Defuse (v) desactivar (bomba)
Ex: Policedefuse terrorist bomb.
Disgrace desgracia
Ex: the dead and wounded were left lying on the battlefield; it was a disgrace.
Heed (v) atender
Ex: Flood warnings not heded in time
Recede (v) reducirse
Ex: Oil slick recedes.
Upper floors pisos altos
Ex: People had to stay in the upper floors and sometimes on the roofs of their homes.
Headline titulares (prensa)
Ex: a paper carrying the...
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