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Partial Project

Grupo 37
Raymundo villa
City of Tula
Enrique Cortez
Daniel Chávez
1.     In teams of 5 persons visit some archaeological Center such as:teotihuacan, Malinalco, Cuicuilco, Tula, or Xochicalco.
2.     With 1,000 words describing the history of the civilization that lived in the place visited (society, religion)
3.     Have photosof the members
4.     Comment on the importance and characteristics of the buildings, sculptures and paintings.
5.     To discuss and write an interesting conclusion using terms and conceptsstudied in class.

We decided to visit Tula, a very beautiful archaeological Center and very interesting especially for its culture and their largebuildings. Tula is large enough; actually we took all day to traverse it, but was quite entertaining and also very funny. Below we can see a map in which we can watch the magnitude of Tula.

Here wesee the plane of Tula very detailed what we get to see is:
* Juego de pelota 1 / Game ball 1
* Palacio quemado / Quemado Palace
* El coatepantli / The Coatepantli
* Piramide B /Pyramid B
* Juego de pelota 2 Ball game 2
* Tzompantli
* Adoratorio / Shrine
* Piramide C / Pyramid C
* Edificio K /Building K
* Edificio 3 / Building 3
I will describe themost important places of the map
Juego de pelota / Ball game
This game is very important and very recognized by society. The famous "ball game"/ “juego de pelota” took place in Mesoamerican age.All cultures which consisted of that time.
The ball game was a sacred activity and played for the designated gods, but the ones who miss the town will sacrifice them. These ball games were a clash of2 teams for hitting some marker or pass the ball through the ring. They helped with the elbows, knees and hips.
As we can see in the Tula map has 2 different "fields" for the ball game the first...
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