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In this paper I will show them on the life of the rapper who grew up in the suburbs of the United Stated becoming one of the best representatives of this genre at that time recognized by the famous rolling stone magazine

Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996) ,known by his stage names 2Pac, Pac, and Makaveli, Was American rapper andactor. Tupac had sold over 75 million records worldwide as of 2012, making him one of the best-selling music artist in the word. Rolling stone magazine named him the 86th greatest artist of all time.

First years
His mother, Afeni Shakur, and his father, Billy Garland, were active members of the Black Panther in New York in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The infant boy was born a month afterhis mother was acquitted of bornmore than 150 charges of conspiracy against the United States government and New York landmarks in the New York “panther 21” court case.
Although unconfirmed by the Shakur family, several sources including the official coroner’s report list his birth name as lesane parish crooks. This name was supposedly entered on the birth certificate because afeni feared herenemies would attack her son, and disguised his true identity using a different last name. She changed it later, following her separation from Garland and marriage to Mutulu Shakur.
Tupac lived from an early age with people who were struggling and who were imprisoned; His godfather was convicted of murdering a school teacher. His stepfather, Mutulu was wanted for having helped his sister to escapefrom a penitentiary in Ney Jersey. Mutulu was caught in 1986 and imprisoned for the robbery of brinks armored truck in which two police officers and a guard were killed.
Shakur, accompanied by one of his friends, Dana “mouse” smith, as beatbox, won many rap competitions and was considered to be the best rapper in his school. He was remembered as one of the most popular kids in his school becauseof his sense of humor, superior rapping skills, and ability to mix with all crowds; He developed a close friendship with a young Jada Pinkett (later Jada pinkett smith) that lasted until his death

First album

Shakur’s professional entertainment career began in the early 1990s, when he debuted his rapping skills in a vocal turn in Digital Underground’s “Same Song” from the soundtrack to the1991 film nothing but trouble and also appeared with the group in the film of the same name. After his rap debut he performed with Digital Underground again on the album sons of the P. Later, he released his first solo album, 2Pacalypse now.
The record was important in showcasing 2Pac’s political conviction and his focus on lyrical prowess. On MTV’s Greatest Rappers of all-time list 2Pacalypse nowwas listed as one of 2Pac’s “certified classic” albums, along with Me Against the World, All Eyez On Me and The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory

Second Album

His second record, Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z, was released in 1993. The album did better than the previous one debuting on number 24 on the billboard 200. The album contains many tracks emphasizing 2Pac’s political and social views.This album had more commercial success than its predecessor, and there were noticeable differences in production. While Tupac’s first effort had a indie-rap oriented sound, this album was considered his “breakout” album. It spawned the hits “keep Ya Head Up” and “I Get Around”

Thug Life
In late 1993, Shakur formed the group Thug Life with a number of his friends, including big syke, macadoshis,his stepbrother mopreme Shakur, and rated R. The group releaser their only album Thug Life “Volume 1 on September 26, 1994 which went gold.
The album was originally released by Shakur’s label out da Gutta Records. Due to criticism about gangsta at the time, the original dongs being cut. The group featured Big Syke, Macadoshis, Mopreme, The Rated R and Tupac Shakur

On the night of November...
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