Tutorial pro engeenier wildfire 2

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Parametric Technology Corporation

Getting Started with Pro/ENGINEER® WildfireTM
April 2003

A New User’s Guide to the Pro/ENGINEER Workflow

Copyright © 2003 Parametric Technology Corporation. All Rights Reserved. User and training documentation from Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) is subject to the copyright laws of the United States and other countries and is provided under alicense agreement that restricts copying, disclosure, and use of such documentation. PTC hereby grants to the licensed user the right to make copies in printed form of this documentation if provided on software media, but only for internal/personal use and in accordance with the license agreement under which the applicable software is licensed. Any copy made shall include the PTC copyright noticeand any other proprietary notice provided by PTC. This documentation may not be disclosed, transferred, modified, or reduced to any form, including electronic media, or transmitted or made publicly available by any means without the prior written consent of PTC and no authorization is granted to make copies for such purposes. Information described herein is furnished for general information only,is subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a warranty or commitment by PTC. PTC assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this document. The software described in this document is provided under written license agreement, contains valuable trade secrets and proprietary information, and is protected by the copyright laws of theUnited States and other countries. It may not be copied or distributed in any form or medium, disclosed to third parties, or used in any manner not provided for in the software licenses agreement except with written prior approval from PTC. UNAUTHORIZED USE OF SOFTWARE OR ITS DOCUMENTATION CAN RESULT IN CIVIL DAMAGES AND CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. Registered Trademarks of Parametric TechnologyCorporation or a Subsidiary Advanced Surface Design, Behavioral Modeling, CADDS, Computervision, EPD, EPD.Connect, Expert Machinist, Flexible Engineering, HARNESSDESIGN, Info*Engine, InPart, MECHANICA, Optegra, Parametric Technology, Parametric Technology Corporation, PHOTORENDER, Pro/DESKTOP, Pro/E, Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/HELP, Pro/INTRALINK, Pro/MECHANICA, Pro/TOOLKIT, PTC, PT/Products, Shaping Innovation,and Windchill. Trademarks of Parametric Technology Corporation or a Subsidiary 3DPAINT, Associative Topology Bus, AutobuildZ, CDRS, CounterPart, Create Collaborate Control, CV, CVact, CVaec, CVdesign, CV-DORS, CVMAC, CVNC, CVToolmaker, DataDoctor, DesignSuite, DIMENSION III, DIVISION, e/ENGINEER, eNC Explorer, Expert MoldBase, Expert Toolmaker, GRANITE, ISSM, KDiP, Knowledge Discipline in Practice,Knowledge System Driver, ModelCHECK, MoldShop, NC Builder, PartSpeak, Pro/ANIMATE, Pro/ASSEMBLY, Pro/CABLING, Pro/CASTING, Pro/CDT, Pro/CMM, Pro/COLLABORATE, Pro/COMPOSITE, Pro/CONCEPT, Pro/CONVERT, Pro/DATA for PDGS, Pro/DESIGNER, Pro/DETAIL, Pro/DIAGRAM, Pro/DIEFACE, Pro/DRAW, Pro/ECAD, Pro/ENGINE, Pro/FEATURE, Pro/FEM-POST, Pro/FICIENCY, Pro/FLY-THROUGH, Pro/HARNESS, Pro/INTERFACE,Pro/LANGUAGE, Pro/LEGACY, Pro/LIBRARYACCESS, Pro/MESH, Pro/Model.View, Pro/MOLDESIGN, Pro/NC-ADVANCED, Pro/NC-CHECK, Pro/NC-MILL, Pro/NCPOST, Pro/NC-SHEETMETAL, Pro/NC-TURN, Pro/NC-WEDM, Pro/NC-Wire EDM, Pro/NETWORK ANIMATOR, Pro/NOTEBOOK, Pro/PDM, Pro/PHOTORENDER, Pro/PIPING, Pro/PLASTIC ADVISOR, Pro/PLOT, Pro/POWER DESIGN, Pro/PROCESS, Pro/REPORT, Pro/REVIEW, Pro/SCAN-TOOLS, Pro/SHEETMETAL, Pro/SURFACE,Pro/VERIFY, Pro/Web.Link, Pro/Web.Publish, Pro/WELDING, Product Development Means Business, Product First, ProductView, PTC Precision, Shrinkwrap, Simple Powerful Connected, The Product Development Company, The Way to Product First, Wildfire, Windchill DynamicDesignLink, Windchill PartsLink, Windchill PDMLink, Windchill ProjectLink, and Windchill SupplyLink. Third-Party Trademarks Adobe is a...