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Deckbuilding Contest
Congratulations toAlberto Garcia, the winner of the Chosen Few deckbuilding competition! For more information check out this tournament report by Senior Developer Nate French.
The Direwolf Banner over the City ofShadows: Part One
The Direwolf Banner over the City of Shadows: Part Two
Check out the 8 decklists of the Chosen Few.
For background information on the contest, follow this link to "The Chosen Few".2010 World Championship

Overall World Champion: Erick A. Butzlaff
Joust World Champion: Alec Irwin
Melee World Champion: Brett Zeiler

Decklists for the Top 8 of the Joust ChampionshipDecklists for the Final Table of the Melee Championship

Top 8 Overall:
1. Erick A. Butzlaff
2. Daniel Machado
3. Brett Zeiler
4. Wade Freeman
5. John Kraus
6. Alec Irwin
7. Greg Atkinson
8. MikePateras

Congratulations to all 2010 Championship players!
Check out Brett Zeiler's Melee Championship report by following this link.
Other Tournament Results

Deck lists from the Days of Iceand Fire 2010 Joust Tournament, won by Erick A Butzlaff, can be found on this page.
Tournament reports and decklists from the champions of the 2010 Tourney at Stahleck:
Joust Champion Andrea "Gualdo"Gualdoni
Melee Champion Jakub "Swirek" Swierczek

More detailed information about Castle Stahleck can be found at the tournament's website.

Results from Black Friday VI in New York can befound at the New York Meta's website.
Interested in learning to play A Game of Thrones: The Card Game?  We have prepared a wonderful video tutorial designed to help you become the master of...
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