Tv detrimental for education

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For the people who know that TV is good for education and the ones who don’t, TV is good for education, since it can show you how peoplelive in other places, show you the latest news all over the world and that is how TV is important for education because TV can show you things that are far from you andthe things that you don’t have close to you and makes you have an interest in things that are valuable. TV is good for education because you can see more and more andlearn more.

The TV has many good things from we can learn and depend of the TV for many things like: entertainment, news, education, culture, sports and even music, televisionnow offers lots of benefits to kids. Educational programs help little children to socialize and learning abilities.

So the same with documentaries people and children canlearn how animals behave in their own habitat and so they start getting an interest in them and start studying more about animals and animal life, and when the peoplewatch cultural programs they start to open more to the world of arts making them more likely to study more about art and music.

As many people must know, there are manypositive effects of television as there are educational programs on TV where children and people from all ages can learn because age is not an impediment to not be ableto learn and television is very useful.

It is also very important to choose the right programs on television for your child that way he or she will be able to learnmore useful things, also some programs can teach good values.

Some of TV’s positive sides are:

* Helps people to learn about other cultures
* Gives family members of...
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