Twins connections

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  • Publicado : 12 de mayo de 2010
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Twins Connection
It is well known that identical twins experience some situations that other siblings don’t. A lot of studies have proved that there is a strange connection or bond between them.Some twins claim that they can fell when the other twin is in trouble, feeling pain or experiencing a strong emotion.
Whoever knows twins, can say that the connection between them is clear.For example, a common case founded on Internet blogs, scientific magazines or even at the daily life is the case when one twin can predict the call of the other one. They usually say that they arethinking in the other brother or sister when the phone rings and discover that the person answering is the other twin.
Of course there is a majority of skeptics who attribute these emotionalcoincidences to the fact that usually the identical twins grow up and are raised together, sharing habits, schedules and values that makes them more inclined to behave of similar form.
But somestudies have shown that even twins separated at birth have been found to have an astounding amount of things in common, such as wife or children's names or occupations. This can be explained as acoincidence or due to his genetic code.
Whatever the answer is nobody can deny that this is an odd phenomenon. Some psychologists have shown that there are three kinds of extrasensory connectionsmothers and newborn babies, dogs and their owners, and identical twins.
An experiment in New York proved that this phenomenon is not a myth; they observed a pair of identical twins in separated rooms.The first brother was connected to a polygraph which analyzed all his vital signs, while the other brother was scared with a snake and exposed his hand in bucket full of ice. The first brotherreported an increase in his cardiac rhythm, and sweaty hands.
Some believe that we all have these psychic abilities but just don't use them. While others think twins have this ability uniquely.
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