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  • Publicado : 1 de junio de 2011
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That summer morning, Sonia accompanied his mother to the bank to make payments. As usual, the line reached almost to the door. The girl was playing near his mother.

Do not walk away, that anyperson can steal you. Her mom said to her son.
Astonished, the mom was looking that Sonia was talking to someone.

Who are you talking? she asked.
With my daddy, what can’t you see? responded bysaying even a location.
Your father went to Chilpancingo, to a trip. The mom said.
No, my daddy came to say goodbye to me. Sonia says
Girl, I told you not tell lies. That's too bad. Her mom saidReally, my daddy was here with me. Sonia said
I'll Hit you coming home. Just wait to get out of here. Her mom says

The girl walked away, while her mother watched from a distance. In anoversight, she was out of sight.

Sonia ran from the building and was soon lost. Not knowing what to do and she starts crying

I want my mommy! – Sonia said
The day turns dark and heavy rain it’sfalling. Huddled in a doorway, crying uncontrollably. A hand grabbed his shoulder.

Daddy, you're back! Sonia says hugging her father.
Yes, I miss you. The dad says forming tender smile
We go home.–The dad said
He took his daughter's hand and walked.

God.- Sonia says
Yes, and I have to get with mom. -The dad says
Tell me, what happened? -Sonia asks
A trailer rolled the car and justcame to say goodbye. But I take care to tell mommy not to worry for me, where is the take care of me and I will see to that nothing is missing. -The dad says
Finally, they reached the house.

Here weare. Go- The dad says, go and give the message to mom.

The house phone started ringing. Hasty, the bereaved mother ran to the telephone

Yes, What? ... No way! ... – The mom shocked says.Such was the shock that she fainted. The news was terrible, her husband had been killed instantly when hit by a double-trailer truck.
When he regained consciousness he complained.

My daughter...
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