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  • Publicado : 24 de enero de 2012
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My Oral Report

by Felix Gonzalez Guillet 10-4
Hello! My name is Felix Gonzalez Guillet. Today I will be taking about “My EducationalTrip to Florida with my friends and teachers”. I was visiting Florida with my friends and teachers on an educational trip. My mom also wentwith me on the trip. I and my school friends were not the only ones going to Florida from Puerto Rico, other schools also participate in thisprogram. We first went to Orlando Florida were we stay in the International Drive.
The first place that we visit was Universal Studios. Itried many attractions but the one I like was “Rip Ride Rock it” It was amazing! Later we visit the 4 Disney World Parks. The one that I likethe most was Epcot Center because I was able to experience many cultures at the same time. The culture that I like the most was France. Thenwe went to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. Once there I went to see the space shutters and the way the astronauts are train sothey can go to the space. We were able to see the Atlantis Shutter before his last mission. It was amazing for me to be able to be there andexperience a machine that simulates a space trip. Really in my opinion I learn a lot about science and technology. I also went to the shuttlecemetery where all the shuttles that do not work are storage.
I love this trip and I want to do ti again. Thank you for your attention!