Unidad didáctica de inglés para primaria

Lesson one

Recognising and identifying the animals in the chant
Reciting the chant ‘Here’s the giraffe
Receptive language
How are you today?
What’s yourname?
Stand up, sit down, turn around, clap your hands
Can you find . . .?
Let’s begin
Active language
Here’s the . . . Elephant, giraffe, mouse, lion, zebra, parrot
Main activitiesMimic the animals at the same time we give their names
Rap the ‘Bug word’
Guess the animal
Listen to the chant ‘Here’s the giraffe
Listen to the chant, recite it and point to the drawings
Play‘What’s my word’
Flashcards: Collin the caterpillar, mouse, giraffe, elephant, lion, zebra and parrot
CD 1 and 2
Pupil’s book, page 29
Optional: five simple drawings or sketches aboutthe weather: sunny, cloudy, windy, etc.

Lesson routine
Greet the children. Say hello and then repeat the greetings with the flashcard
Play the hello song or any other song the children know andlike. The should sign it and mimic it.
Listen and answer: I will give the instructions at the same time I ask them to:
Stretch up high!
Crouch down!
Wiggle your fingers!
Wave hello!
What’ sthe weather like today?
Now ,as the unit is about the animals, I will mimic animals. The process will be initiated with the giraffe, and then with all the other animals. I will use the flashcards forthat .
Guess the animal. Here I will mimic one animal and the pupils will have to guess it
The next step, will be listening the CD with the chant ‘Here’s the giraffe.
As an extra activity we willplay the game of Mystery Animal. The game is very simple: I will put a flashcard inside an envelope. The pupils will sit or stand in ca circle. I will turn the CD player on and the pupils will passthe envelope. When the music stops, the child who has the envelop-e, will open it, take the flashcard out and say :Here’s the . . . . The game will be repeated with some other animals.
Lesson 2...
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