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  • Publicado : 14 de enero de 2011
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Personal Description

I would like to introduce myself; my name is Omar Olivares Stuva, am 31 years old, from Lima-Peru. I live with my parents.
I have finished my higher studies at “UniversidadInca Garcilazo de la Vega”, I got the bachelor degree in September 2007.
I am catholic and I usually go to the church with my family, in some occasions I go with my uncle and my grandparents and spendall day with them.

I love the plants and flowers since I was a child. Also the university is close to my house and I could visit and see the greenhouses and crops. Then I decided study agronomy,after that I learned all about the crop production for 6 years.

My work experience has given me a new vision about the reality being “in-situ”. I realized the different between the theoricalknowledge and what I have to do in practical situation.
In the development of my career, I practiced in different crops at my university. These crops were: cotton, wheat, oats, rice, potato, artichoke,asparagus, grapes, citrus fruits and different vegetables.
I am an active, optimist person; I usually get up early and organize everything I have to do everyday. I am proactive and I know to belong ina work team.

My aim is earn experience an offer my personal and professional skills in a certain feedback.

About my hobbies, I like sports: tennis, swimming and soccer, I also enjoy adventuresports and I like to travel and discover new kinds of culture, customs and all kinds of people whom I can establish a friendly connection. I like being with my friends having a healthy social circle.I have the best expectation with the CAEP program because it will help me to develop my personal and professional skills; giving me the opportunity to earn an incomparable experience in all thematters I am interested. I am interested in greenhouse production.

I know that in the USA I will find the latest technology and technical way to produce in a farm in U.S.A , all that I need to get a...