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By Rodrigo Perez

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Capital and main urban center of Chile Territory of 37 communes , of which 26 of these are completely within the urban area and 11 somewhere on the outside. Globalcity Alpha class - at the height of Amsterdam , Stockholm or Rome

Founded on February 12 of 1541 by Pedro de Valdivia. Santiago is Valley with River, for spanish people was second option as acapital, but it was safe enough against local tribes, also good vegetation, food, water.  Following the colonial rules, Valdivia commissioned the design of the new city to the architect Pedro de Gamboa,who design the city as a checkerboard.  In the center of the city he designed a main square, which were identified sites for the Cathedral, the jail and the house of the governor  A total of eightblocks built from north to south, and ten from east to west, and each site (a quarter of a block) was given to settlers who built houses of mud and straw.
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This design marked thedevelopment of the city and every other in Chile. Main Square surrounded by Cathedral, point of orientation, center of the main axis. Main axis is along the Mapocho River, main avenues. Parallel andperpendicular streets to the main avenue forming blocks.

Map of Santiago in the early Eighteenth century.

During the so-called Conservative Republic created several institutions (19th Century). The channels that run the city for sewage disposal disappear giving way to the sewer , in addition to the first networks of gas, water and public lighting.  A new momentum in the urban development ofthe capital took place during the so-called "Liberal Republic" and the administration of the city's mayor.  Among the main works during this period are the remodeling of the Cerro Santa Lucia whichdespite its central location was in very poor shape.

Santiago 1965

The city quickly became a major hub of the Chilean railway system , the main means of transport...