Us invasion to iraq

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  • Publicado : 14 de septiembre de 2010
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United States’ invasion to Iraq
The US invasion to Iraq had place in 2003. The reasons for this war, at least the reasons that the United States gave, are: because Iraq had a lot of weapons formass destruction and the creation of prohibited missiles, also because Saddam Hussein was supporting terrorism so they wanted to stop this, and finally to give freedom to the people in Iraq. It isimportant to mention that according to the CIA, Iraq did not have any dangerous weapons.
United States first went with the UNO for the approval of the invasion. After a debate, the UN Security Councilgave Iraq a final opportunity to disarm. This means, to get rid of those weapons. Also, with the authorization of the inspection of weapons and it promised bad consequences if this was not achieved.The countries that backed the United States to invade Iraq were: United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Australia, Denmark, Japan and Spain.
Dates and facts about the invasion:
-March 18, 2003: Thebombing in Iraq by United States started.

-March 21, 2003: The Battle of Umm Qasr, it was the first military confrontation in Iraq.

-March 26, 2003: This operation was to advance to the south toget to Baghdad.
-March 28, 2003: Military operation to eliminate the Ansar Al-Islam terrorist organization.
-April 3, 2003: Invasion of Baghdad.

Saddam Hussein was arrested December 13th,2003. He was found in a hole made in a farm with weapons and money in his hands. Saddam Hussein had two trials: in August 19th and 21st. Finally, he was sentenced for execution by hanging. He wasguilty of crimes against humanity, so in December 30th he was taken to Camp Justice.

According to the United States, they remain in Iraq because they want to accomplish three objectives. Todestroy the terrorist, enlisting the support of other nations for a free Iraq, and hel Iraqis to accomplish their own defense for their future. Personally, I think they remain there because of the oil....
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