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*It is a bicameral organ composed by the Representatives' Chamber and the Senate.
*The Representatives' Chamber would provide proportional representation to thepopulation, and the Senate equitable representation.
*The Representatives' Chamber has 435 members who represent a district congresual which they serve for a period of two years.
*Every state possesses twoSenators.
*The representatives like the senators are chosen today by the people.
*Only the Senate can pass or reject the persons designated by the President for positions in the executive andjudicial power. Also it can ratify agreements.
*The competitions of the Congress include the authority of regular inter-state and international trade, to elaborate laws, to establish federal courtslower than the Supreme Court, to support the Armed Forces and to declare the war.
*The president of the Senate is Dick Cheney.
*Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi is the Chairwoman of theRepresentatives' Chamber of the United States.
*In the United States of America there exist two political parties that are: Democratic Party and Republican Party.
*All the states have guaranteed to have at least1 representative. The representatives are chosen by the voters of his circumscription known as Representative District.
*The Senate consists of 100 members, two representing to every state, withoutthe population mattering. A senator is chosen not by the district, but by the state. The senators serve in periods of six years or sexenios.


*The Senate of the Republic is the highchamber of the Congress of the Union.
*The senators' chamber is integrated by 128 senators. Each of 31 states and the Federal District chooses 2 senators, more one that grants him to the first minority.32 remaining senators are chosen of I agree initially of proportional representation.
*The Senators are the representatives of the nation.
*The senators are electing for a period of six years,...
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