Uso aplicativo netdefender

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netdefend Firewall series
Integrated FunctIons
ƒ Powerful Firewall engine ƒ d-Link end-to-end security solution (e2es) Integration ƒ content Filtering/Intrusion detection & Prevention ƒ user authentication ƒ Instant Message/P2P Blocking ƒ denial of service (dos) Protection ƒ Virtual Private network (VPn) security ƒ Bandwidth Management

content FILterIng
ƒ urL/e-Mailaddress Filtering ƒ Java script/active X/cookie Filtering ƒ IM/P2P Program Filtering

FauLt toLerance
ƒ Wan traffic Fail-over ƒ active/Passive Modes for High availability1

d-Link netdefend firewalls offer the next-generation of high-performance, business-class network security solutions, addressing growing concerns over network security, hacker attacks, virus threats, and increasing privacydemands. netdefend firewalls provide businesses with the assurance of a dedicated network security solution. d-Link’s netdefend Firewall series packs an impressive set of features including high-speed processors, extensive signature databases, and the power to handle up to a million concurrent sessions. enclosed in an industrial chassis, these firewalls include multiple user-configurableinterfaces, including highspeed gigabit ports1 for flexible, scalable and bottleneck-free network deployment. netdefend makes use of component-based signatures 3 which are built to recognize and protect against all varieties of known and unknown attacks. the IPs system can address all critical aspects of an attack or potential attack including the payload, noP sled, infection, and any exploits. the IPsdatabase includes attack information and data from a global attack sensor-grid and exploits collected from public sites such as the national Vulnerability database and Bugtrax. the d-Link constantly updates its autosignature sensor system in order to deliver high-quality, optimized, IPs signatures. Without overloading existing security appliances, these signatures ensure a high ratio of detectionaccuracy and the lowest ratio of false positives3. d-Link netdefend firewalls can be remotely managed via a web-based interface or through a dedicated VPn connection. they include flexible features to monitor and maintain a healthy and secure network, such as e-mail alerts, system log and real-time statistics. to minimize the impact of any event on an entire network, d-Link netdefend firewallsinclude a special feature called Zonedefense - a mechanism that operates seamlessly with d-Link xstack switches to perform proactive network security2. Zonedefense automatically quarantines infected computers and prevents them from flooding the network with malicious traffic.

BandWIdtH ManageMent
ƒ Wan traffic Bandwidth Management ƒ Multi-Wan Interfaces for traffic Load sharing/Load ƒ Balancing ƒdynamic Bandwidth Balancing

ƒ Powerful Firewall engines ƒ Multiple user-configurable Ports ƒ High-speed gigabit Interfaces1

setuP & ManageMent
ƒ Installation Wizard for Quick setup ƒ easy Web-Based configuration/ Management ƒ command Line Interface (cLI) ƒ Logging and real-time Monitoring
1 For dFL-1600 and dFL-2500 only 2 For dFL-800, dFL-1600, and dFL-2500 only 3 component-basedsignature database is available



CERTIFIED Basic Interop


through advanced IPs subscription


netdefend Firewall series
Fault tolerance netdefendos features route Failover capability. Whenever a route failure is detected, traffic can automatically failover to an alternate route. content Filtering netdefend firewalls protectusers from dangerous and undesirable content on the web. Filters can also block IM/P2P programs to increase the efficiency and utilization of your network traffic Load Balancing Keep your network running smoothly by balancing traffic using dual firewalls. d-Link e2es solution netdefend firewalls feature Zonedefense, a mechanism that operates seamlessly with your d-Link Lan switches to perform...
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