Uso del presente perfecto

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The present perfect is used to talk about two times at once: the present and the past. In fact you can say that very often used a single sentence in present perfect instead ofsimple present tense simple past and one in.


I have been going to El Salvador
They have been living in El Salvador for ten years
I have been cooking a birthday cake for 5 hours
It has beenraining all night.
I have been studied all day
I have been seriously ill in hospital
I have been waiting a long time to see
I have eaten much
We have played
She has eaten the orange
Have youever used this type of machine?
I have been here since Monday

Time Present Perfect is used to speak of actions begun in the past and still continue in the present. For example:
Toshape it, use the auxiliary HAVE, conjugated to the appropriate person (change only the third person singular), followed by the past participle, which is equal for all people.

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