Uso y abuso de los objetos de aprendizaje

Use and Abuse of Reusable Learning Objects: Polsani: JoDI

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Use and Abuse of Reusable Learning Objects
Pithamber R. Polsani
Learning TechnologyCenter, University of Arizona, USA Email: Key features: References

The term Learning Object, first popularized by Wayne Hodgins in 1994 when he named the CedMAworking group "Learning Architectures, APIs and Learning Objects", has become the Holy Grail of content creation and aggregation in the computer-mediated learning field. The terms Learning Objects (LOs)and Reusable Learning Objects are frequently employed in uncritical ways, thereby reducing them to mere slogans. The serious lack of conceptual clarity and reflection is evident in the multitude ofdefinitions and uses of LOs. The objectives of this paper are to assess current definitions of the term Learning Object, to articulate the foundational principles for developing a concept of LOs, and toprovide a methodology and broad set of guidelines for creating LOs.

1 Movements in the Learning Object Economy Practices of Learning Objects Multiple Definitions of Learning Objects 2Towards a Concept of the Reusable Learning Object Learning Form Relation Reusability 3 Creating Learning Objects Granularity Composition 4 Developing Learning Objects Conceptualization Collaborativedevelopment 5 Standards and Specifications for Developing Learning Objects Technical

1 Movements in the Learning Object Economy
In the past 5-7 years there have been considerable efforts in thecomputer-mediated learning field towards standardization of metadata elements to facilitate a common method for identifying, searching and retrieving Learning Objects (LOs). Recently, a consensus has...
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