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1. Text Page 210, Problem 6.3 (Pareto Analysis) Assuming these were data gathered from last year's final exam for BA 537, what would be the most important things for you to do (in rank order, withthe most important ranked highest according to the Pareto analysis) to prepare for the exam differently than the students did last year - based on your Pareto Analysis of the data in Problem 6.3?Sketch out the Pareto Chart for your own use; you need not submit he chart, only the answers to the question.

R.: According to Pareto Analysis this is the rank of the causes for poor grade last year:
-Difficulty understanding material: 36.75%
- Insufficient time to complete: 22%
- Distraction in the exam room: 13.45%
- Late arrival to exam: 10.25%
- Felt ill during exam: 5.75%
- Forgot examwas scheduled: 4.5%
- Insufficient time to complete: 3%
- Studied wrong material: 3%
- Calculator batteries died during exam: 1.5%

Based on these answers, I’d make sure that all the materialoffered would be used, read and understood. No question would be left behind and major interaction with the professor made to clarify missing spots. After that I’d practice my knowledge answering moreexercises from the book to get practice to understand the questions and in the mean time I’d calculate the time spent during this practice. I could than re-do them and try to speed my answers.Exercising and studying in a common area is a good they to get used with external information during the process could help to learn how to concentrate, but it’d be come naturally once the information asacquired in a proper way.
Prepare myself for the exam’s date setting the alarm an hour earlier than it’d be necessary to get there and being ready for any inconvenient that might happen, as traffic,energy failure at my place, etc.
All these steps will cover most of the possible problems, but some of them are out of our hands and we can never void them. I’d say that 91% of the causes of poor...
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