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  • Publicado : 13 de enero de 2011
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My December Vacations
This period of vacations is my favorite one because the presents, the special food and the time with the family. This time I spend part ofthe vacations at Farallon at my uncle’s house, we had an excellent Christmas dinner that was prepared by my aunts, grandma and mother; after that we had a gifsexchange. The next day we wake up very early because my cousins wanted to play with their new toys, so my sister and I remembered the good times that we used to have whenwe was young, we had a really funny day opening presents, assembling toys and then enjoy them and spend hours and hours just playing.
After some days at Farallon,we came back to Xalapa where we made some shopping and rest from playing; I didn’t remember how tired it was. Also I spend some time with my girlfriend and herfamily. We start with the preparations from New Year Party; then we went to my grandmother house where we received the 2011 and have an special dinner with my father’sbrothers and sisters and their families, and after some hours we went to an aunt’s house where we met my other grandmother, uncles, aunts and cousins; and at next day,as sure, we get the traditional reheated in the same place and we also play some Mexican games like loteria and pirinola, and sang at my cousins karaoke machine, itwas very funny.
We also have some family meetings with my mother’s brothers and their families at my grandma’s house. My mother prepared some chocolate and we eatsome rosca de reyes and we enjoy some time all together and shearing some past fun experiences. Finally I only wanted to say that I had very fun on these days!
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