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May 2011 Excercises for Exam 4th. Grade

I. Read and answer using for or since.
From: Lucy Smith. To: (your name)________________ Hi! How are you? I’m working really hard at school! I onlystarted at this school last Summer because we moved to this town two years ago. Our Math teacher left the school in November. We’ve had a new teacher since January. Her name is Mrs. Collins. She’s reallynice and she doesn’t give us tests very often. In fact we haven’t had a Spanish test since she arrived. But we’re going to have one tomorrow, So I have to do some work! Love Lucy

1. How long hasLucy lived in her town? 2. How long has she been at her school? 3. How long has she had Mrs. Collins for French? 4. How long ago was her last French test? 5. How long has Lucy been in class withouta test?

____________ two years. ____________ last summer. ____________ 5 months. ____________ January. ____________ 5 months

II. Write the opposites. 1. I haven’t repaired my computer.__________________________________________________________________________ 2. He’s taken the bus. __________________________________________________________________________ 3. It’s climbed a tree.__________________________________________________________________________

4. She’s washed the dishes. __________________________________________________________________________ 5. He’s listened tothis song. __________________________________________________________________________

III. WRITE THE VERBS IN PRESENT PERFECT. 1. He’s ___________ (see) a fossil. 2. She’s _____________ (ride) herbicycle. 3. They’ve ____________ (find) money. 4. He’s ___________ (sleep) in a cave. 5. We’ve ____________ (eat) an apple. IV. CHANGE THE SENTENCES TO PRESENT PERFECT. 1. They (do) the dishes.__________________________________________________________________________ 2. She (meet) a famous person. __________________________________________________________________________ 3. He (play) soccer....
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