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  • Publicado : 14 de mayo de 2011
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A hard disease in the world

For many years in history, women had fought for the inequality, discrimination and abuse from boys, and the result of this fightwas the recognition of the women´s rights. Nowadays, it seems that human has returned to the medieval age where women are not treated in the correct way andnot valued as they should be.
We can see these problems daily, maybe in our houses or at school or possibly we are also contributing to the problem but we arenot aware of the words or the actions over we say or do; this disease is called violence and is now in all the world and every generation it continues grow more.Unfortunately in Colombia this disease forms part of “the culture” and with high numbers of mistreatment.
It is the case of many women who are miss-treated bytheir husbands or boyfriends and if you start thinking about their actions you may think that they are like an animal. For example, you can see women who areburned with HCL acid on their faces with terrible scars and if you ask the abuser why he did it, you will find the most inhumane answer; human evolution is veryinteresting but this progress sometimes leads to a good way or one where the human becomes an animal.
It is time to start remembering that all humans were bornfrom a woman, that women are not only part of society but also the origin of our lives and finally it is time to change violence into dialogue because withthis our future we will decrease wars which ends life in a second, and we can defend our future with the arms of the education.

Santiago Ardila Quintero
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