Ventajas sobre hyper v r2

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Ventajas sobre Hyper V R2:
* The Industry’s Most Reliable Hypervisor: VMware’s thin virtualization form factor with no dependence on a general-purpose server operating system in thevirtualization layer. In contrast, all versions of Microsoft Hyper-V R2
will still rely on Windows Server running inside the parent
partition, the same architecture as Hyper-V R1.

* Reliable,Cost-effective Solutions for Small
Offices enables server consolidation and centralized
provisioning, management, and patching for immediate savings
on hardware and operational costs. It also includesintegrated
physical-to-virtual conversion capabilities and the VMware
VMsafe security APIs for third-party security products that
deliver even better security than available on physical servers. The “free”Hyper-V R2 offering from Microsoft is still
just a hypervisor with point capabilities, instead of a complete
solution, and small businesses still need to purchase Microsoft
System Center to getmanagement capabilities that are required
for controlling costs.
* Performance Improvements:
significantly improves the performance of all subsystems,
over the already high standards set byVMware
Infrastructure 3, from CPU to memory to storage to networking
to cluster-level utilization, to achieve the highest consolidation
ratios in the industry. HyperV R2 : it lacks fundamentalcapabilities like a high performance ‘gang’ scheduler, memory
oversubscription, direct driver model, and logical resource pools
with dynamic load balancing
* Zero Downtime, Zero Data Loss forApplications
VMware FT ensures that protected applications are always
available, even in the event of hardware failure. shadow copy of a protected virtual machine and automatically
triggers a seamlessstateful failover should the virtual machine
stop responding due to hardware failure. Microsoft has no equivalent functionality.
* Virtual Networking for Private Clouds:
for building private clouds...
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