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Definition: Compost is the end product of the decomposition of organic matter. Organic matter includes: garden waste, kitchen scraps, manure, leaves, grass clippings, straw... There aremany methods of composting, but all organic matter will eventually decompose, with or without our help.

Compost is not particularly high in essential nutrients, (N-P-K), and is considered a soilconditioner rather than a fertilizer. However, organic matter is a valuable soil amendment because it: can improved soil structure, aids in necessary microbial activity in the soil, attracts beneficialinsects such as earthworms, can suppress several soil born diseases and holds its nutrients in organic or slow release form, allowing for availability throughout the growing season. While there are manymethods of composting and many composting bin styles, there is no best method. As the bumper sticker says, "Compost Happens". The important thing to remember is that you can never add too muchcompost to your soil. You can till compost directly into the soil or add some as a side dressing to established plants.

Benefits of the Compost

The healthy plants of our orchard require a constantamount of nutrients. They can obtain 96% of these nutrients of the air, the water and the Sun (through photosynthesis process). Nevertheless if they do not obtain 4% rest, they do not grow well nor theycan provide to us with a healthy food. Composta mixed with earth can provide these important nutrients, if the materials integrate that it have them. Composta improves the structure of the grounddoing easier to work, it increases its capacity to retain the humidity and the air, and reduces the possible erosion. In addition, the seeds germinate more quickly in a ground with composta and is farbetter for the ground that the chemical fertilizers. Other benefits that we can find are: It improves the structure of the ground: As much of sandy grounds as argillaceous. It retains the humidity: The...
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