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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2010
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{draw:frame} University of El Salvador* * * * * *English Level IX
Board of Directors of Scholarships and Scientific Research Date: *09/16*/09* *
*Outreach Committee of Foreign LanguageDepartment *
English Language Program
Br. Wendy Jeannette Quintanilla Pérez
Topic: Introductions (Unit 1, Floor 1)
Grammar forms: Present simple, adverbs of frequency and Wh- questionsVocabulary: Words with free time related activities: backpacking, bird watching, sailing, playing chess, working out.
Aims: At the end of the class the students will be able to:
Writing: Complete aquestionnaire; write survey questions to elicit information
Reading: Close-read a quiz for detail *Speaking: Discuss personality; conduct a survey.
Warm up:
Students will begiven an example of a routine and then they will talk about their daily routines and share it with the rest of classmates. (8 min’) Presentation:
Students will answer as a whole classroomactivity the following question: which of the 3 phrases on exercise 1 do you agree with? (6 min´) *Students will take the quiz on exercise 2, after finishing they will count their points andfind out if they are burned out, nice and cool or chilled out. (6 min´)
Students will look for synonyms (8 min´) *Listening: Students will listen to a new student at the Earl College openday talking about the subjects she wants to study. (6 min´)
* Grammar elevator: Use of Present Simple
Students will be explained with the use of present simple with does, do, doesn’t and don’t.theywill complete exercise 6 and 7 according to explanation given and also examples from language lift (page 4) . (10 min’)
*Speaking: students will discuss in pairs the next question:How often do you do free time activities? (6 min’)
Controlled practice (speaking): Students will discuss as a whole class feedback the following questions: why are college open days useful? (8...
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