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  • Publicado : 29 de septiembre de 2010
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SAP2000 Version 10.0.1
Release Date: 2005-12-05
It contains important information that is more current than what is in the Manuals.

1. Installation Instructionsfor SAP2000 Version 10.0.0 2. File Compatibility 3. New Features in SAP2000 Version 10

1. Installation Instructions for SAP2000 Version 10.0.0
The installation instructions are available in threeplaces: • The “SAP2000 Installation Card” link on the SAP2000 CD browser. • A printed document included with the program package. • In the file SAP_Install_Instructions.pdf in the root folder of theCD. The instructions include information about the software protection system used and installation options and instructions. You can choose between a Standalone or Network installation. For newNetwork installations, see the License Manager System Administrator’s Guide for more detailed information about the License Manager and the License Manager Administration program “WlmAdmin.exe”. Thisinstallation contains the License Manager program SentinelLM If you are currently running an earlier version of SentinelLM then it should be uninstalled prior to installing this version.IMPORTANT! All commuter licenses should be checked in before uninstalling the old version. For Network installations you can create a text file, Level.txt, and put the Program Level in it. Save this file tothe License Manager sub-folder of the SAP2000 folder. This file will cause the program to find the license faster. Note that this file will be included when a new license is sent. If you experienceproblems with the license please refer to the appropriate “License Trouble Shooting Guide...” located in the SAP2000 folder.

2. File Compatibility
SAP2000 Version 10 can open model files (*.SDB)from older versions of SAP2000, as well as import older SAP2000 database files (*.S2K, *.$2K, *.XLS, and *.MDB.) Note that once you save or run these models in Version 10, they will not be usable by...
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