Victory city

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Victory City
Mr. Simpson conceived of the general idea of Victory City in 1936, when he was only 13 years old. Afraid of being ridiculed, Mr. Simpson kept his ideas about designing andbuilding the City of the Future to himself … a secret vision he held in his mind for approximately 24 years.
It wasn't until 1960 — after he had embarked on a lucrative career in real estate investingand apartment building management — that Mr. Simpson decided to make his ideas about Victory City known to the general public. Though not formally trained in graphic design or architecture, Mr.Simpson began sketching the entire Victory City model, building by building, with painstaking detail and vibrant color.
To complement his drawings, Mr. Simpson eventually wrote a short manuscriptdescribing how the Victory City community would be run — everything from the food system to shops and hotels to schools and health care.
The purpose of Victory City is to improve the quality oflife for thousands of people and, in the words of Victory City inventor Orville Simpson II, "to keep the human race going." The word "victory" — and the idea behind Victory City itself — represents andcommemorates the victory of truth over mythology, progress over stagnation, science over superstition, prosperity over depression, conservation over wastefulness, beauty over ugliness, serenity overtensions, enchantment over drabness, wealth over squalor, cleanliness over dirtiness, efficiency over inefficiency, success over failure, convenience over inconvenience, comfort over discomfort,security over insecurity, and happiness over unhappiness.
In all business transactions in Victory City, no money will be used. Instead, everyone will carry a bankbook which will have his photoon it to identify him. Whenever he buys an item in a store, he will always pay for the item immediately by handing the clerk his bankbook, which the clerk would insert in a specially designed machine...
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