Video game harm

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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2011
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Imagine one of your family members wasting their time with some video game, and if they font pass the level they start fighting whoever they see first. Well I could say that I had experienced thatwith one of my cousins. I think that video games affect young people until they are old. Video games can affect you in so many ways and I think that being at your own world can be hurtful even thoughyou don’t notice that is affecting you. Video games are harmful for children because, they change personality, many become addict, and many stay away from their loved ones.
To begin with Ithink that video gamed are a cause of the change in children personality. My cousin Sergio he changed a lot since he started playing Grand Theft Auto. Sergio began to fight for everything whoever hecrossed in front of him he fighted with him/ her. Also video games can make changes in your way of talking. My cousin was a boy that talked with proper language now he always screaming or cursing. Livingwith someone who turned vulgar is harsh.
Secondly, many kids get an addition on playing a certain game. For example, Sergio he gets from school and he starts playing Halo Reach with hisfriends until one a.m. This affects him because he doesn’t eat, does his homework, and chores. I man when he was 10 he played for an hour now he is 15 he is barely passing 9th grade. Once I visited himand he looks horrible he gets grounded too much, he doesn’t care about anything; the only thing he cares about is his Halo Reach world. Spending time in the world of video games can make you loseeverything.
Finally, they aren’t spending time with family. Once we had a party that the whole family was invited Sergio stayed home because he was playing Halo 3. The saddest thing is that heis getting away from the family slowly. I have noticed that he is wasting his life in a video game instead of enjoying his youth and his life. Sergio, in summer he stays inside his house playing...
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